The Next Barack Obama?

Honestly, I've never liked using that colloquialism, "the next this or the next that." It's a very restricting phrase. If that individual doesn't live up to who we say they resemble then they become a failure in our eyes. To actually be someone else is virtually impossible. There may be similar characteristics that you share, but we don't want to disallow someone from becoming who they were designed to be by forcefully juxtaposing them to someone who came before them. In short, as my pastor always says, "No one can beat you being you."

With that said, I titled this blog, "The Next Barack Obama", because I see similar characteristics in this brother and Senator Barack Obama. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Ricco Wright. Currently he is the President of the Student Senate at Teacher's college at Columbia University. He is in his first year as a Mathematics doctoral student. Yes, you heard me right, a doctorate in mathematics. He is a recipient of the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship and is well-deserving of it.

I had the distinct and honorable pleasure of meeting this brother in 1999 at Langston University. Langston is the last historically black college west of the Mississippi River in Langston, OK. I was a senior and he was a freshman. I was fortunate enough to form what has become an inseparable bond with him that is strong until this day. I also had the privilege of somewhat mentoring him in his developmental stages at Langston...this is according to him. LOL

I've learned that the greatest impact you have on people is the impact that you didn't know you had. I didn't know that I had done it. It just awesome to know someone whom greatness is written in the blueprint of their destiny. It's been five years since Ricco graduated from Langston and they're still talking about him. When seniors and freshmen alike throw a party just because you're coming to visit, that should tell you something about the legacy that he left at that school. He's also leaving one at Teacher's College. He'll also be leaving one wherever he teaches as associate professor, and then as a tenured professor, and then as an accomplished best selling, author, and then as U.S. Senator, and then maybe even President of the United States.

Why do I say this? His charisma is natural and not forced. His intelligence factor is through the roof. (Can we say Ivy League?) His poise in crisis situations at such a young age is unfathomable. His generosity and love for his fellow man could only be from God Himself. His passion is self-consuming and contagious. His focus is undeniable. His leadership crosses the tumultuous seas of life with sails of integrity. He is formidable. He is sure. He is purposeful. And last but not least, he loves God and from this reciprocal love like the sun shining on the earth, he shines the love of God on all who encounter him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Ricco Wright. This will not be the last time you hear of this name.

Check out this article about his new position as President of Student Senate at Teacher's College at Columbia University in New York.

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Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Certainly this subject does apply to Mr. Wright. It was a delight to read the article of his accomplishments and dreams for future goals. I commend him and you also for touching his life in a memorable way that made a significant difference to Ricco. As a Pastor's wife it is good to know of stories like this to help encourage the young black students of our church with simular stories of disadvantage. Thank you so much for sharing.
Be blessed.

"Yes We Can"